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Come on into the hangar, make yourself comfortable and follow the saga as two totally opposite types of personalities teach each other to fly. Rob is a certified flight instructor and airline captain for a major airline. Tina is the anxious but eager student pilot who has a few things to teach Rob about getting a clue. Both have been married to each other for 23 years and are still learning to live together, love together, grow together and raise their four kids together. So come on in pull up a chair, get your favorite beverage and lets educate one another. Oh, we have a bird problem here in the hangar so watch your head. They sometimes crap on the airplane and life, but you just wipe it off, move on and don't forget to laugh about it.
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Come on into the Eaglerock Portable Studio as Captain Rob and Tina record there first podcast together in over two years.  Our lives continue to be busy and in an effort to start producing podcasts again, we recorded this at the kitchen table with a portable podcasting setup.  A little degradation in the recording quality is in order so that we can record more often.  Also our regular studio hasn't been put back together so we hope you don't mind the recording.  We learned a few things that we can do to improve the next portable recording of our next epidsode in the next couple of weeks.


We are joined by our 16 year old son who we think previous listeners will remember as Trim Tab.  We talk  a little about what has been going on and then get right into listener feedback.  This episode also serves as an opportunity for Captain Rob and Tina to get there feet wet again at podcasting.  We appreciate your patience with us.


For those folks interested in the ground lesson Captin Rob gives Tina and their son, be sure to listen to the Lessons Feed.  That episode is the same as this one but we continue recording into a lesson after the 41 minute mark.   It is good to be back and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.


Please contact us and give us your feed back at:


email: learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

Voicemail: 206-337-6300

Twitter: captain_rob

Skype: learningtoflytogether


Intro song is "Learning to Fly" by Josh Woodward.

Outgo song is "Set to Fly" by Elisa Peimer

Both available at the Podsafe Music Network



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After 2 years and 1 month since are last little epidsode we are sending out this episode to give you and update on our contact info.   We still see many downloads each month of older episodes and we want to let you know we are still here and are ready to start putting out new content.


One week after the last episode Captain Rob lost his father and within the month Tina lost here mother.  So it has taken us 2 years to normalize enough to have time to get back to flying and podcasting.   We want to thank you listeners that are still subscribed and welcome new listeners.


We want to hear from you if your are still out there.  Please drop us an email or better yet call our new voicemail number.  We want to hear from you.


Here is the contact info:


email: learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

Voicemail: 206-337-6300

Twitter: captin_rob

Skype: learningtoflytogether


Intro Song is "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward
Outgo Song is "I Fly" by Tresa Street
Both from the Podsafe Music Network

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New Year, New Chapter in our Lives and Still Learning To Fly Together! Yes Tina and Captain Rob have finally gotten into the Eaglerock7 Studio to record a episode.   Episode 12 is the start of a New Year and a New Chapter in our lives.  In this episode:

Welcome Back
Rob and Tina explains what happened to Rob medically
What that means for the job
Plans for the podcast and family
Listener Feedback

From Capt'n Chris from The Plane Madness Podcast
From Matt at The Redboy Podcast
Answer to Redboy with "The Man Song" from Sean Morey
Flight Instructor/Student Relationship
Career Planning and Flight Schools

Intro Song is "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward
Outgo Song is "Airplane Ride" by Sera
Both from the Podsafe Music Network

Please contact us and leave feedback at:
Email:  learningtoflytogether at gmail.com
Voicemail:  (206) 333-1733
Skype:  learningtoflytogether
Twitter:  captain_rob

Leave a comment here on the website.

See ya next episode in less than two weeks....really!

Captain Rob and Tina

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Well hello everyone!  For the first time in six weeks I was able to get down in the studio and hook everything back up.  That meant that I better record something.  This is not a normal episode but an audio update.

For those who haven't  heard, Captain Rob had an medical emergency and the Eaglerock Hangar has been a place of recovery and not one of flying or podcasting lately.  That is about to change as we get back in the saddle again and plan to have an episode for you every 2 weeks starting the last week of April.  We have a lot plans for both feeds.

On the Together feed we plan to bring you a lot of stuff regarding life, kids, emergencies, career planning, life with 3 teenagers, college planning, and hopefully some laughs as this is the best medicine.

On the Lessons feed we are planning to bring you video and audio content from within the hangar (Since Rob can't Fly).  We still have some flying lessons to edit and put out along with ground briefings of preparation for Tina and Ryan's written test.   Captain Rob also plans to do a series of systems discussions on the Cessna 150 and maybe the Boeing 737.

Please give us your thoughts and comments to our new voicemail line at (206) 495-3111.  You can also e-mail us at learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

Todays song is "I Want My Flying Car" by Tom Smith and of course our intro music is "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodard.  Check them both out at the Podsafe Music Network.

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Yes we are still alive and we mean that literally.  A few weeks ago Captain Rob had a life or death medical emergency that involved a very expensive helicopter ambulance ride to the regional trauma center (and he couldn't even enjoy it since he wasn't awake).  He was in the hospital for 4 days and has been home since but unable to go back to work flying as of yet. 

Needless to say producing our next podcast has once again been put on hold.   We sincerely apologize for the extreme tardiness in getting you the next episodes.    And our last podcast update was a poor excuse of an audio file for you to listen to.  We are planning to record the next episode this next week.   We have the a lot to update you on and hope to get back on the production schedule we have always wanted.

For those who have stuck with us.....thank you so much.  For those listeners we have lost we apologize and hope we can win you back.  Captain Rob will put out an audio update in the next few days so those who haven't checked the website or don't subscribe to the feed in a RSS reader get the same info as this text update.

The voice mail line has expired so we will get a new one soon.  In the mean time you can reach us by e-mail learningtoflytogether-at-gmail.com or by leaving a comment on the website.

Thanks, Fair Skies and Tail Winds,

Rob and Tina
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Added Feature on the Learning to Fly...Together Website Happy Valentines Day everyone (at least to the ones that care).  Tina and I are busy with first of the year stuff and still haven't gotten into the studio to record a real episode.  For that I apologize.  Sorry for calling the last post an episode it was more of a audio update.

All of our spare time has been used up with fixing some websites for some non-profits, teaching sound tech, installing a multimedia system in our church shoveling snow off of roofs (see picture) and of course work.

As stated in the last audio post I mentioned that we were going to start using other internet tools (Skype, Talkshoe, Utterz) to increase the availability for Tina and I to record episodes.  Today I have added an Utterz player to the side panel of the website.

The Twitter and Utterz badges on the website will allow you to check in on what is going on with us (if you care to..who would?)  in between episodes.  The Twitter badge lets you see that latest text update that I enter from my cell phone.  While on flying trips, I usually post the flight info of my next flight.  Things such as Flight Level, flight time, fuel burn, Takeoff Weight and weather at destination.    The Utterz Badge plays the last audio post (with pictures) that I make from my cellphone, hotel computer or home.  I will post, from my layovers to Utterz,  info covering the city I am in and the "interesting" people I meet.   Additionally, we will post mini episodes (less than 2 minutes) to Utterz when we don't have time for a regular episode.   Email us to let us know the type of content you might like delivered via these methods.

So if you want to see more of The Learning to Fly...Together activity between episodes check the Twitter and Utterz Badges here on the sidepanel of the website.  You can also check out the Utterz and Twitter websites to find out how to have content delivered to your cell phone and participate your self.

Have a great day and weekend.....I am off to a 24 hour layover in Miami.....yes.....listen for a Utterz post.

Captain Rob
learningtoflytogether at gmail.com
Category:general -- posted at: 11:38am PDT

In this quick little episode we explain where we have been and what we are going to do to get a more reliable release schedule going.  We will be using the many internet vehicles out there to get Tina and I together behind a mic.  Will be using Skype, Utterz, Talkshoe.

Here is our contact info:

Skype: learningtoflytogether or captainrob_737
Twitter: captain_rob
utterz: captainrob
Talkshoe: captainrob
Voicemail 206-666-4533
Email: learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

We close out with a the song Airplane Ride from Sera on the Podsafe Music Network at music.podshow.com
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Hello Everyone!  Hope you are all having a great New Year.  I was able to get Tina in the studio today and then the compressor and audio levels were all messed up (my oldest son and friends recorded some of their music over the holidays) and by the time I got it dialed in we had to go to town.  Got home late tonight and I go out for another 5 day trip tomorrow.  Bottom line....didn't record today.   Have a great show lined up but it will have to wait until I get home next Monday, so look for an episode then.

Thanks for being so patient with us this year about release dates.  I will explain in the next episode how I am going to get to our release schedule of every ten days going come....come....come....oh I don't know but it will happen.  2008 will be the year the podcast really gets going.   Listenership and viewership is way up over the holidays and we have some things planned for the year.

Feel free to contact us by leaving comments on the blog or calling our voicemail at 206-666-4533.  Follow me on Twitter.  I twitter my flights with the jet and give flight info via twitter.  You can monitor the twitter badge here on the website or follow captain_rob on twitter. 

Thanks to all the feed back and calls and we will cover the latest in the next episode.  Just because haven't gotten back to you doesn't mean with are not grateful for you input.


Captain Rob
Category:general -- posted at: 11:42pm PDT

By popular demand Tina and I produced this vidcast for you.   All photos and video footage were taken either by Tina or myself here at the Eaglerock airstrip and surrounding area.   We wanted you to have a visual of our lives as you listen along in future audio episodes. 

The pictures are from our collection we have taken over the last couple of years around the strip here.  The video footage is from a lesson and flight one evening in October.   Sorry for  the  movement....I am acting as an instructor and cameraman.

Please enjoy and be sure to let us know how you like it.  All music was from the Podsafe Music Network and is credited in the video.
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Finally, Finally got Tina back in the studio so we could do an episode.  It has been like pulling teeth.   Listen to the episode and see what Rob has had the privilege to live with lately.   In these episode:

New equipment in the studio dbx 286a
What is vinyl?
Mark Jensen's review of the dbx 286a at podsqod.com
Tina's personal challenge is a family challenge
Trying to balance....mixer levels or life?
Tina gets to fly to a Tower controlled airport
Winter prep
Playing Auto mechanic
Feed back from Matt at Pizza Go Here and Captain Chris from the Plane Madness Podcast
Music Fly..Fly..Fly from Adrina Thorpe

Happy Thanksgiving to our US listeners.
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We woke up this morning and didn't have any milk or coffee.  What is a guy to do.  We are 20 minutes driving or 20 minutes flying to the nearest store.  Flying is more fun so we flew to a nearby town where the Safeway is across the street from the airport.  We picked up our coffee and milk,  had breakfast and flew home.  This footage is us in our airplane descending and landing at our airstrip and taxing to our home.

If you want to see more video let us know by leaving a comment or email us at learningtoflytogether/at/gmail.com or calling or voicemail line at 206-666-4533.

Captain Rob

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New Episode posted on the Lessons Feed!

We are back in the saddle again.  This episode covers the preflight and post flight chat and breifing and inflight recording of the actual lesson.  In this episode:


Carb ice and Carb Heat

Approach to Landing Stalls

Takeoff and Departure Stalls

Pattern Entry

Radio Usage

Touch and Go's 

Rudder Usage

Attitude Control

Next epidsode will be a quick vidcast of our flight to the grocery store.

Download episode here if not subscribed to Lessons Feed.

Leave comments at www.learningtoflytogether.com.  Leave e-mail at learningtoflytogether/at/gmail.com.   Voice feedback at 206-666-4533.

Category:The Lessons Podcast -- posted at: 12:14am PDT

Well here it is......Tina and I are behind the mic again.   A episode we recorded on October 4.   It is good to be back and spend some time with you.   Thanks for staying subscribed.  In this episode:

Tina's back
What happened 50 years ago today?
Our Memorial Day
We tried to fly but got Mud Daubbed
The Plane is Inspected again
Our PNME experience
Congratulations to FWIW Podcast on 2 years
Tina Gets Encouraged
Close Encounters of the Stripper Kind
Tina wins the BFG from Culture Catch
We answer Rusty's Question whether he should become a Airline Pilot
Feedback Catchup

Podcasters we met at the Podcast and New Media Expo:

Redboy Podcast
FWIW Podcast
Love Long and Prosper
Pizza Go Here
Ed's Mixed Bag
Wicked Good Podcast
Barely Podcast
Philosophy Guy Podcast
Scotty J
Tucker Tales
Madtown Aces Audio Production
Hamradio Class Podcast
The Big Show
Desperate Husbands


Here is the Women in Podcasting Directory by Marina of I Love Lard.

And we met and enjoyed the music of:

Karmyn Tyler
Jimmey Bratcher

It took some effort to get this podcast up.   Had a software crash during recording so it took hours to reconstruct the recording from raw files....hours...hours while on the road in my hotel room.  So sorry for the lip smacking and clipping on the recording.   Next episode will be of better quality.

Leave a comment on the website or email us at learningtoflytogether/at/gmail.com or leave voice feedback at 206-666-4533.   Follow Rob on his trips at twitter.com/captain_rob

See ya next episode,

Captain Rob
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Tina and I are at the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, CA this weekend.  This is our first trade show since we are so new to podcasting.  Besides seeing the newest equipment and techniques we are able to see the hosts and producers of the shows we listen to.  It is also giving us some ideas in improving the show.  Bottom line new and hopefully better episodes coming your way!

Tina\'s spirit is renewed and we plan to record the next episode here in Ontario and post it up and get back on the production schedule of an episode each 10 days.

I let the voicemail line expired because I missed the renewal by a few hours.  Our new voicemail line is 206-666-4533 so leave us some feedback.   Email is learningtoflytogether\'at\'gmail.com

Talk to you soon

Captain Rob
Podshow PDN {podshow-4b6bad0c6a7cea05d980a7ee782851d3}
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Were has the summer gone?  And why haven't we put out a podcast?  Well let me update you.

As most of you who listen know,  our good friend was killed in his aircraft and that took the flying wind out of Tina's sails for a couple of months.  Every time we had a chance to podcast at the hangar she wasn't up to it.   Additionally I had some repairs to do on the airplane for the month of August so we haven't flown since May.

We made several trips to California to check out colleges for our oldest and the planning preparation and application of those trips took us away from home also.

Well I finished the annual inspection on the airplane yesterday and after we go pick up our son from camp today,  we are going to go fly!  Afterwards we are going to podcast....yes.

So look for a podcast in the next 24 hours.  I will put it out on both feeds to serve as an update and new episode.  I let the voice mail number expire so I will have a new one at podcast time.

We ask you forgiveness for being remiss on getting a podcast out.  For those still subscribed and listening,  I thank you so much and look forward to reconnecting with you all.   We look forward to hearing from you.

You can reach us here by leaving a comment or e-mail us at learningtoflytogether at gmail.com.

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Rob is out on the road and deceided to do a podcast from his hotel room in Newark, NJ.   This podcast covers a story from Bill, one of Rob's co-workers while in flight on the B737.  The story is about Bill's flight on a B-24 Liberator.  Rob and Tina are back together in the hangar at the end of the month so a podcast with the both us together is coming.

Here is the links of some of the organizations that operate warbirds.  Take a look at the tour schedules and see if you can go see one.

Collings Foundation
B-24/B-29 Squadron

Leave us comments here at www.learningtoflytogether.com or email us at learningtoflytogether@gmail.com.   Call our voicemail at 206-984-2FLY (2359) and leave a comment.
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I just had to post this mini podcast to let you know where we are.   Because of the tradegy of our friend and co-worker's death in his Cessna 185 we still haven't gotten into the studio.   I have been assisting the family and Tina is not able to get to the microphone without breaking down in tears.   I have to leave for a 5 day Mexico trip and won't be back until Wednesday.  That means we should have a new episode next Friday.

In the mean time please catch up with earlier episodes and leave us feedback.

Thanks and 73

Rob and Tina
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It has been an absolute whirlwind around the Eaglerock Hangar for the last several weeks.   Hence the reason for no new episodes on either feed. 

Besides work, we have been extremely busy with the theatrical production the family has been involved in.  Additionaly two fellow pilots, one who Rob and Tina have spoken about flying into their place on the podcast,  was killed when his Cessna 185 crashed off the end of his private airstrip.  We have been over at his house helping the family for the last week.

With all the late nights and no sleep, Rob has caught a cold and lost his voice over the weekend.   The voice maybe back enough to record some podcasts in the next few days.   We look forward to getting back with you the listeners this week.  Right now we are going to go flying after a very hard week.

God Bless,

Rob and Tina
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We wanted to release a update to let you know why it has been over a week since our last episode.    This is a short episode on both feeds to update you and let you know of our proposed release schedule of every 10 days.

I mentioned our theartre group of CYT that we are busy with for the next two weeks.  It is one of the reasons we haven't been in the Eaglerock Hangar Studio.

Music today is Learning to Fly by Josh Woodward and Fly Away to Summer Sun by Albert Forssell
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It has been a busy week around the Eaglerock Hangar and we haven't been able to get Rob, Tina and Ryan into the studio to record Part III of the Pre-Solo Review.  So instead of part III we are posting the pre-flight brief on stalls given to Tina and Ryan about 2 months ago.   We record most flight and ground lessons here at the Hangar so we have plenty of content to post on the Lessons Feed.  In this episode of The Lessons:

 Take off and Departure Stalls

Approach to Landing Stalls

Confusion of engine stalling and aerodynamic stalls

Imminent and Full Stalls

Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions by emailing us at learningtoflytogether@gmail.com or leaving voice mail at 206-984-2FLY (2359).

To receive this episode subscribe to the Lessons Feed utilizing the subscribe links on the side panel of this page or to download episode click on the link below.

Download Stalls Brief Episode
Category:The Lessons Podcast -- posted at: 1:10am PDT

Honey Do List is long and therefore the episode is Late!  In this episode:

Were not John Travolta,

Rob intoduces Yuri to the Joy of Flying!

Rob gets snarky with Tina in Flight,

Our hero Ed helps Tina Land,

Rob's ex-girlfriend is his sister-in-law,

Playing Mr. Mechanic,

The challenge of Daylight Podcasting

Feedback and Voicemail,


Podcasts Mentioned:

Redboy Podcast

Love Long and Prosper

Feel free to leave feedback,

Intro Music is Learn to Fly by Josh Woodward and Outgo is Fly by Jennifer Avalon from the Podsafe Music Network.

Leave comments at www.learningtoflytogether.com or email us at learningtoflytogether at gmail.com.   Voicemail comments can be left at (206) 984-2FLY (2359)

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We have recorded Episode 6 and am working on the editing tonight.   It will be ready late tonight or tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay but Rob is on vacation and the Honey Do list is a mile long and for some reason the podcast doesn't seem to be on Tina's mandatory list.   A lessons episode will go out on the lessons feed in the next few days also.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:13pm PDT

Thank Goodness were back on the ground.   In this episode:

New Intro and New Mic - MXL DRK

Don't try to change your spouse!

Meet Jeremiah Tina

Balancing Airline Life with kids, family, wife and house repairs,

Almost a counseling moment

Cockpit Voice Recorder - Rob and Tina survive a trip around the pattern

Learn why Rob is gray-haired,

It's the process of learning to fly and being a Mom that is important

Voice Mail

Tina can't afford me

Podcasts Mentioned:

Love Long and Prosper

Music is Learn to Fly by Josh Woodward from the Podsafe Music Network.

Leave comments at www.learningtoflytogether.com or email us at learningtoflytogether at gmail.com.   Voicemail comments can be left at (206) 984-2FLY (2359)

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Welcome to Episode 4.  This is a lesson podcast and is Part II of the Pre-Solo Review that Rob is giving to Tina and Ryan.   This episode is being posted to both the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast Feed and the new Lessons Feed.  After this episode all Lesson episodes will be posted only to the Lessons Feed so if you want to continue to get the lessons delivered to you then you will need to subscribe to the lesson feed.  Use the badge on the right side of the webpage.  The Learning to Fly...Together Podcast will continue to be delivered to the normal feed.   The normal feed will be the podcast we produce that covers subjects that should be of interest to a larger audience including non-aviation listeners.

This episode covers:

FAR 61 and 91 regarding Student Pilots, PIC Responsibilty, Careless or Reckless operations, Dropping objects, Alcohol or drugs, Portable Electronic Devices, Prelight Action, Use of Saftey Belt.

Rob tells his story of dropping a dummy from an airplane while in high school.  For non-aviation listeners you can skip to that story at 19:30 minutes into the podcast.

From the Podsafe Music Network "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward


Rob and Tina

learningtofly at gmail.com
Voice comments (206) 984-2359

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It's all about choice here at the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast.   As mentioned from the beginning of the podcast we are starting a seperate feed for the Lesson episodes.   This gives you the listener the choice to what content you would like to listen to.

Our original feed, Learning to Fly...Together will cover the stories, events, segments and topics of interest to families, couples, kids, ham radio operators, parents and aviation fans as it pertains to what our family is learning about life.

The new feed, Learning to Fly...The Lessons, will be for the listener that has a more intense interest in flying or learning to fly.  These episodes will cover the actual ground and flight lessons that Rob gives to his wife Tina and his kids.  This feed is for entertainment and self improvement only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for a course of instruction about flying.

We hope that you subscribe to both feeds.  Having both feeds let's you the listener select the content you want, when you want.  This webpage, www.learningtoflytogether.com, will continue to the be the blog for shownotes for both feeds.  The Lessons Feed was submitted to iTunes and should be available soon and should show up next to the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast.

To subscribe to the feeds, use the RSS and iTunes badges along the side panel to the right or you can use the following links:

The Learning to Fly...Together Podcast - http://feeds.feedburner.com/LearningToFlytogether

The Learning to Fly...The Lessons Feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/LearningToFlytheLessons

The proposed release schedule for the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast will be weekly.  The proposed release schedule for The Lessons Feed will be as the lesson happen here at the Eaglerock Hangar.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please leave comments here on under each blog entry or email us at learningtoflytogether@gmail.com.  You can leave voicemail feed back at (206) 984-2359.

Thanks for listening,

Category:general -- posted at: 10:47am PDT

Rob is feeling under the weather so no flying or podcasting today.  Hopefuly tomorrow we can record the next lessons episode and go over more of the pre-solo review for Tina and Aileron.

Rob is resting and working on his laptop and just started his personal blog.  If your are interested in his blog covering other topics not covered in the podcast take a look at RF Radiation. If you would like to subcribe to RF Radiation the RSS feed is http://rflog.wordpress.com/feed.

Untill tomorrow.....
Category:general -- posted at: 6:53pm PDT

Rob just completed a week of recurrent ground school and simulator so he is good for another year.  He is now leaving today for a 3 day Mexico City trip after being home for a day.  No time for any lessons for Tina or Aileron so there wasn't any time for posting the next lessons podcast either.  Rob will be back mid week so we will be able to post the next lessons podcast likely on Wednesday.  If you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions for what you what like us to cover on the podcast, use the contact info below to get ahold of us.   Until mid week....

Rob and Tina

Leave comments below here or email us at:
Voicemail 206-984-2359
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LTFT Episode 3, Will you talk to me while I sleep? Welcome to Episode 3 of the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast.  In this episode: Bass Fishing, Flying to a friends house, Do I weight too much? Our wedding and courtship, Rob is so smooth...not, For What It's Worth, Love Long and ProsperTucker Tales, Wicked Good Podcasts, Puerto Vallarta Layover (see picture...very tough) ,  A Flight Attendant tries to eat a super burrito, I put my Flight Attendants to Sleep,  I meet some Australian Moms,  Have a wonderous Easter Sunday.

Contact us at:

learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

Direct download: ltft20070407.mp3
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Episode 2 of our Podcast.  This episode is focused more on an actual lesson that I presented to Tina and Aileron in preparation for solo.

For now we plan to have our odd number episodes cover the more social, family and relational topics and should be more entertaining as it relates to Learning to Fly, Love, Live and Parent together.   The even episodes such as this one,  will cover more of the technical aspects of learning to fly and will be segments of our acutal flight and ground lessons here at the Eaglerock Hangar.

Show Notes for this episode:

Intro and Update on Episode Sequence and Subject Manner,

Mention to the listeners of subscribing to the text part of the RSS Feed - point your RSS reader to http://learningtoflytogether.com/rss

V Speeds and definitions


Go Arounds, Use of Flaps,  L/D explaination

Aileron and Elevator make up a song


And for the purpose of claiming our feed on Odeo and Podcast Alley

My Odeo Channel

My Podcast Alley Feed

<a href="http://odeo.com/claim/feed/271e6955769700f4">My Odeo Channel</a> (odeo/271e6955769700f4)

<a href="http://www.podcastalley.com/">My Podcast Alley feed!</a> {pca-3e615e63002914745116a6ff200ea09d}

Contact us at learningtoflytogether@gmail.com or (206) 984-2359

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Left for a 3 day trip today so there won't be any flying out of the Eaglerock Hangar until Monday. Tina and Aileron will be studying up for Pre-Solo Test this weekend so that I can issue the knowledge test next week. That way we can have the freedom to solo them when there ready in the next week or so. Trying to balance, work, kids, school, and flying is such tiring work..... Will post a lesson podcast when I get back. You will be able to hear the preflight briefing and inflight chatter of stalls. Aileron and I did spins yesterday. Let us know what interests you and what you want to hear about. Rob www.learningtoflytogether.com learningtoflytogether@gmail.com (206) 984-2359
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My attempt at at disclaimer as to the content of The Learning to Fly Together Podcast.

"Any instructional information that is in The Learning to Fly Together Podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.  This podcast is not to be used as or incorporated into any course of instruction without prior permission, for other than those who are in the podcast.  The Learning to Fly Together Podcast makes no guarantee implied or stated, as to the validity and accuracy of the content.  Anything gleaned from the podcast shall be validated by outside documentation and industry standard sources if the information is to be used for other than entertainment.    If you are a pilot or someone who is learning to fly,  your  instructor, local FAA office and flight school is your source of your training and aeronautical information."

Working on the First Part of the Pre-Solo Review ground lesson with Tina and Aileron.   Will probably post it tonight.


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Well here is our first real episode after our introduction.  Late night doing all the editing as we try to experiment and find a format that works for us and you (Please let us know).  This episode ended up being 42 minutes...a little longer than we want but we think you may enjoy it.  Here are the show notes for this episode:


Eaglerock Hangar visited by Norwegians

Trying to explain Podcasting to family

Exposing the real Aileron

Captain Rob explains why you can't use Cell phones and other Devices in the jet

Go get some more coffee

How our family is compared to an airplane

Whose on first?....Nav Lights

Some Family History and mention of Tina's 94 year old Grandmother

We welcome all feedback, comments and recommendations.  Here is the contact info:

Comment at www.learningtoflytogether.com
E-mail us at:  learningtoflytogether@gmail.com
Voice mail: 206-984-2359 (2FLY)

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This is a short episode recorded to explain and test a seperate feed.   If it works there should be a seperate feed for "The Lessons".   As explained in the first episode and show notes,  when Rob is actually teaching Tina a ground lesson,  that lesson will be posted as a seperate feed.   This way those not interested in "lesson content" don't have to listen on the main feed.  For those who just want the lesson content, they can download and subscibe to The Lessons.

We will see how this works.  We are unfamiliar with how our podcasting host works split feeds.  So if it doesn't work right away then you at least know what we are trying to accomplish.  Please be patient.

Now that we have our feet wet, will get on with reporting the story and get some flying done.


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Well Here it Goes!

This is our first episode and serves as a introduction of the Learning to Fly Together Podcast.  In this episode we introduce ourselves and try to describe the vision and purpose of launching the podcast.  Like all new endeavours it may be a little rough around the edges but we had fun doing it and hope you have fun listening.

We don't know of any couples who have taken on teaching a spouse to fly and lived to tell about it so we are going to tell the story as it happens (incase we don't live to tell about it).  We will let you know about all and will have fun doing it. 

When the podcast gets technical, as Rob teaches the actual meat of learning to fly, will will split the feed and run a concurrent "lesson" type of podcast.   We will do the same for episodes when we talk about the technical aspects of ham radio and computers.   This way the listeners who want the "human story" and more entertaining part of our experience, don't have to listen to the overly technical sessions.  For those who will be interested in the technical episodes we will give you the feed details for those specific episodes as they occur.

Let us know what you think and we look forward to getting to know you.  Contact us by leaving comments here or e-mailing us at learningtoflytogether@gmail.com.   You may also leave a voicemail message at 206-984-2359 (2FLY).
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