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Come on into the hangar, make yourself comfortable and follow the saga as two totally opposite types of personalities teach each other to fly. Rob is a certified flight instructor and airline captain for a major airline. Tina is the anxious but eager student pilot who has a few things to teach Rob about getting a clue. Both have been married to each other for 23 years and are still learning to live together, love together, grow together and raise their four kids together. So come on in pull up a chair, get your favorite beverage and lets educate one another. Oh, we have a bird problem here in the hangar so watch your head. They sometimes crap on the airplane and life, but you just wipe it off, move on and don't forget to laugh about it.
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Left for a 3 day trip today so there won't be any flying out of the Eaglerock Hangar until Monday. Tina and Aileron will be studying up for Pre-Solo Test this weekend so that I can issue the knowledge test next week. That way we can have the freedom to solo them when there ready in the next week or so. Trying to balance, work, kids, school, and flying is such tiring work..... Will post a lesson podcast when I get back. You will be able to hear the preflight briefing and inflight chatter of stalls. Aileron and I did spins yesterday. Let us know what interests you and what you want to hear about. Rob www.learningtoflytogether.com learningtoflytogether@gmail.com (206) 984-2359
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My attempt at at disclaimer as to the content of The Learning to Fly Together Podcast.

"Any instructional information that is in The Learning to Fly Together Podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.  This podcast is not to be used as or incorporated into any course of instruction without prior permission, for other than those who are in the podcast.  The Learning to Fly Together Podcast makes no guarantee implied or stated, as to the validity and accuracy of the content.  Anything gleaned from the podcast shall be validated by outside documentation and industry standard sources if the information is to be used for other than entertainment.    If you are a pilot or someone who is learning to fly,  your  instructor, local FAA office and flight school is your source of your training and aeronautical information."

Working on the First Part of the Pre-Solo Review ground lesson with Tina and Aileron.   Will probably post it tonight.


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Well here is our first real episode after our introduction.  Late night doing all the editing as we try to experiment and find a format that works for us and you (Please let us know).  This episode ended up being 42 minutes...a little longer than we want but we think you may enjoy it.  Here are the show notes for this episode:


Eaglerock Hangar visited by Norwegians

Trying to explain Podcasting to family

Exposing the real Aileron

Captain Rob explains why you can't use Cell phones and other Devices in the jet

Go get some more coffee

How our family is compared to an airplane

Whose on first?....Nav Lights

Some Family History and mention of Tina's 94 year old Grandmother

We welcome all feedback, comments and recommendations.  Here is the contact info:

Comment at www.learningtoflytogether.com
E-mail us at:  learningtoflytogether@gmail.com
Voice mail: 206-984-2359 (2FLY)

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This is a short episode recorded to explain and test a seperate feed.   If it works there should be a seperate feed for "The Lessons".   As explained in the first episode and show notes,  when Rob is actually teaching Tina a ground lesson,  that lesson will be posted as a seperate feed.   This way those not interested in "lesson content" don't have to listen on the main feed.  For those who just want the lesson content, they can download and subscibe to The Lessons.

We will see how this works.  We are unfamiliar with how our podcasting host works split feeds.  So if it doesn't work right away then you at least know what we are trying to accomplish.  Please be patient.

Now that we have our feet wet, will get on with reporting the story and get some flying done.


Voicemail: 206-984-2359
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Well Here it Goes!

This is our first episode and serves as a introduction of the Learning to Fly Together Podcast.  In this episode we introduce ourselves and try to describe the vision and purpose of launching the podcast.  Like all new endeavours it may be a little rough around the edges but we had fun doing it and hope you have fun listening.

We don't know of any couples who have taken on teaching a spouse to fly and lived to tell about it so we are going to tell the story as it happens (incase we don't live to tell about it).  We will let you know about all and will have fun doing it. 

When the podcast gets technical, as Rob teaches the actual meat of learning to fly, will will split the feed and run a concurrent "lesson" type of podcast.   We will do the same for episodes when we talk about the technical aspects of ham radio and computers.   This way the listeners who want the "human story" and more entertaining part of our experience, don't have to listen to the overly technical sessions.  For those who will be interested in the technical episodes we will give you the feed details for those specific episodes as they occur.

Let us know what you think and we look forward to getting to know you.  Contact us by leaving comments here or e-mailing us at learningtoflytogether@gmail.com.   You may also leave a voicemail message at 206-984-2359 (2FLY).
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