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Come on into the hangar, make yourself comfortable and follow the saga as two totally opposite types of personalities teach each other to fly. Rob is a certified flight instructor and airline captain for a major airline. Tina is the anxious but eager student pilot who has a few things to teach Rob about getting a clue. Both have been married to each other for 23 years and are still learning to live together, love together, grow together and raise their four kids together. So come on in pull up a chair, get your favorite beverage and lets educate one another. Oh, we have a bird problem here in the hangar so watch your head. They sometimes crap on the airplane and life, but you just wipe it off, move on and don't forget to laugh about it.
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Thank Goodness were back on the ground.   In this episode:

New Intro and New Mic - MXL DRK

Don't try to change your spouse!

Meet Jeremiah Tina

Balancing Airline Life with kids, family, wife and house repairs,

Almost a counseling moment

Cockpit Voice Recorder - Rob and Tina survive a trip around the pattern

Learn why Rob is gray-haired,

It's the process of learning to fly and being a Mom that is important

Voice Mail

Tina can't afford me

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Love Long and Prosper

Music is Learn to Fly by Josh Woodward from the Podsafe Music Network.

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Welcome to Episode 4.  This is a lesson podcast and is Part II of the Pre-Solo Review that Rob is giving to Tina and Ryan.   This episode is being posted to both the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast Feed and the new Lessons Feed.  After this episode all Lesson episodes will be posted only to the Lessons Feed so if you want to continue to get the lessons delivered to you then you will need to subscribe to the lesson feed.  Use the badge on the right side of the webpage.  The Learning to Fly...Together Podcast will continue to be delivered to the normal feed.   The normal feed will be the podcast we produce that covers subjects that should be of interest to a larger audience including non-aviation listeners.

This episode covers:

FAR 61 and 91 regarding Student Pilots, PIC Responsibilty, Careless or Reckless operations, Dropping objects, Alcohol or drugs, Portable Electronic Devices, Prelight Action, Use of Saftey Belt.

Rob tells his story of dropping a dummy from an airplane while in high school.  For non-aviation listeners you can skip to that story at 19:30 minutes into the podcast.

From the Podsafe Music Network "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward


Rob and Tina

learningtofly at gmail.com
Voice comments (206) 984-2359

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It's all about choice here at the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast.   As mentioned from the beginning of the podcast we are starting a seperate feed for the Lesson episodes.   This gives you the listener the choice to what content you would like to listen to.

Our original feed, Learning to Fly...Together will cover the stories, events, segments and topics of interest to families, couples, kids, ham radio operators, parents and aviation fans as it pertains to what our family is learning about life.

The new feed, Learning to Fly...The Lessons, will be for the listener that has a more intense interest in flying or learning to fly.  These episodes will cover the actual ground and flight lessons that Rob gives to his wife Tina and his kids.  This feed is for entertainment and self improvement only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for a course of instruction about flying.

We hope that you subscribe to both feeds.  Having both feeds let's you the listener select the content you want, when you want.  This webpage, www.learningtoflytogether.com, will continue to the be the blog for shownotes for both feeds.  The Lessons Feed was submitted to iTunes and should be available soon and should show up next to the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast.

To subscribe to the feeds, use the RSS and iTunes badges along the side panel to the right or you can use the following links:

The Learning to Fly...Together Podcast - http://feeds.feedburner.com/LearningToFlytogether

The Learning to Fly...The Lessons Feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/LearningToFlytheLessons

The proposed release schedule for the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast will be weekly.  The proposed release schedule for The Lessons Feed will be as the lesson happen here at the Eaglerock Hangar.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please leave comments here on under each blog entry or email us at learningtoflytogether@gmail.com.  You can leave voicemail feed back at (206) 984-2359.

Thanks for listening,

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Rob is feeling under the weather so no flying or podcasting today.  Hopefuly tomorrow we can record the next lessons episode and go over more of the pre-solo review for Tina and Aileron.

Rob is resting and working on his laptop and just started his personal blog.  If your are interested in his blog covering other topics not covered in the podcast take a look at RF Radiation. If you would like to subcribe to RF Radiation the RSS feed is http://rflog.wordpress.com/feed.

Untill tomorrow.....
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Rob just completed a week of recurrent ground school and simulator so he is good for another year.  He is now leaving today for a 3 day Mexico City trip after being home for a day.  No time for any lessons for Tina or Aileron so there wasn't any time for posting the next lessons podcast either.  Rob will be back mid week so we will be able to post the next lessons podcast likely on Wednesday.  If you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions for what you what like us to cover on the podcast, use the contact info below to get ahold of us.   Until mid week....

Rob and Tina

Leave comments below here or email us at:
Voicemail 206-984-2359
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LTFT Episode 3, Will you talk to me while I sleep? Welcome to Episode 3 of the Learning to Fly...Together Podcast.  In this episode: Bass Fishing, Flying to a friends house, Do I weight too much? Our wedding and courtship, Rob is so smooth...not, For What It's Worth, Love Long and ProsperTucker Tales, Wicked Good Podcasts, Puerto Vallarta Layover (see picture...very tough) ,  A Flight Attendant tries to eat a super burrito, I put my Flight Attendants to Sleep,  I meet some Australian Moms,  Have a wonderous Easter Sunday.

Contact us at:

learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

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Episode 2 of our Podcast.  This episode is focused more on an actual lesson that I presented to Tina and Aileron in preparation for solo.

For now we plan to have our odd number episodes cover the more social, family and relational topics and should be more entertaining as it relates to Learning to Fly, Love, Live and Parent together.   The even episodes such as this one,  will cover more of the technical aspects of learning to fly and will be segments of our acutal flight and ground lessons here at the Eaglerock Hangar.

Show Notes for this episode:

Intro and Update on Episode Sequence and Subject Manner,

Mention to the listeners of subscribing to the text part of the RSS Feed - point your RSS reader to http://learningtoflytogether.com/rss

V Speeds and definitions


Go Arounds, Use of Flaps,  L/D explaination

Aileron and Elevator make up a song


And for the purpose of claiming our feed on Odeo and Podcast Alley

My Odeo Channel

My Podcast Alley Feed

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Contact us at learningtoflytogether@gmail.com or (206) 984-2359

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