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Come on into the hangar, make yourself comfortable and follow the saga as two totally opposite types of personalities teach each other to fly. Rob is a certified flight instructor and airline captain for a major airline. Tina is the anxious but eager student pilot who has a few things to teach Rob about getting a clue. Both have been married to each other for 23 years and are still learning to live together, love together, grow together and raise their four kids together. So come on in pull up a chair, get your favorite beverage and lets educate one another. Oh, we have a bird problem here in the hangar so watch your head. They sometimes crap on the airplane and life, but you just wipe it off, move on and don't forget to laugh about it.
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Well hello everyone!  For the first time in six weeks I was able to get down in the studio and hook everything back up.  That meant that I better record something.  This is not a normal episode but an audio update.

For those who haven't  heard, Captain Rob had an medical emergency and the Eaglerock Hangar has been a place of recovery and not one of flying or podcasting lately.  That is about to change as we get back in the saddle again and plan to have an episode for you every 2 weeks starting the last week of April.  We have a lot plans for both feeds.

On the Together feed we plan to bring you a lot of stuff regarding life, kids, emergencies, career planning, life with 3 teenagers, college planning, and hopefully some laughs as this is the best medicine.

On the Lessons feed we are planning to bring you video and audio content from within the hangar (Since Rob can't Fly).  We still have some flying lessons to edit and put out along with ground briefings of preparation for Tina and Ryan's written test.   Captain Rob also plans to do a series of systems discussions on the Cessna 150 and maybe the Boeing 737.

Please give us your thoughts and comments to our new voicemail line at (206) 495-3111.  You can also e-mail us at learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

Todays song is "I Want My Flying Car" by Tom Smith and of course our intro music is "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodard.  Check them both out at the Podsafe Music Network.

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Yes we are still alive and we mean that literally.  A few weeks ago Captain Rob had a life or death medical emergency that involved a very expensive helicopter ambulance ride to the regional trauma center (and he couldn't even enjoy it since he wasn't awake).  He was in the hospital for 4 days and has been home since but unable to go back to work flying as of yet. 

Needless to say producing our next podcast has once again been put on hold.   We sincerely apologize for the extreme tardiness in getting you the next episodes.    And our last podcast update was a poor excuse of an audio file for you to listen to.  We are planning to record the next episode this next week.   We have the a lot to update you on and hope to get back on the production schedule we have always wanted.

For those who have stuck with us.....thank you so much.  For those listeners we have lost we apologize and hope we can win you back.  Captain Rob will put out an audio update in the next few days so those who haven't checked the website or don't subscribe to the feed in a RSS reader get the same info as this text update.

The voice mail line has expired so we will get a new one soon.  In the mean time you can reach us by e-mail learningtoflytogether-at-gmail.com or by leaving a comment on the website.

Thanks, Fair Skies and Tail Winds,

Rob and Tina
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Added Feature on the Learning to Fly...Together Website Happy Valentines Day everyone (at least to the ones that care).  Tina and I are busy with first of the year stuff and still haven't gotten into the studio to record a real episode.  For that I apologize.  Sorry for calling the last post an episode it was more of a audio update.

All of our spare time has been used up with fixing some websites for some non-profits, teaching sound tech, installing a multimedia system in our church shoveling snow off of roofs (see picture) and of course work.

As stated in the last audio post I mentioned that we were going to start using other internet tools (Skype, Talkshoe, Utterz) to increase the availability for Tina and I to record episodes.  Today I have added an Utterz player to the side panel of the website.

The Twitter and Utterz badges on the website will allow you to check in on what is going on with us (if you care to..who would?)  in between episodes.  The Twitter badge lets you see that latest text update that I enter from my cell phone.  While on flying trips, I usually post the flight info of my next flight.  Things such as Flight Level, flight time, fuel burn, Takeoff Weight and weather at destination.    The Utterz Badge plays the last audio post (with pictures) that I make from my cellphone, hotel computer or home.  I will post, from my layovers to Utterz,  info covering the city I am in and the "interesting" people I meet.   Additionally, we will post mini episodes (less than 2 minutes) to Utterz when we don't have time for a regular episode.   Email us to let us know the type of content you might like delivered via these methods.

So if you want to see more of The Learning to Fly...Together activity between episodes check the Twitter and Utterz Badges here on the sidepanel of the website.  You can also check out the Utterz and Twitter websites to find out how to have content delivered to your cell phone and participate your self.

Have a great day and weekend.....I am off to a 24 hour layover in Miami.....yes.....listen for a Utterz post.

Captain Rob
learningtoflytogether at gmail.com
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In this quick little episode we explain where we have been and what we are going to do to get a more reliable release schedule going.  We will be using the many internet vehicles out there to get Tina and I together behind a mic.  Will be using Skype, Utterz, Talkshoe.

Here is our contact info:

Skype: learningtoflytogether or captainrob_737
Twitter: captain_rob
utterz: captainrob
Talkshoe: captainrob
Voicemail 206-666-4533
Email: learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

We close out with a the song Airplane Ride from Sera on the Podsafe Music Network at music.podshow.com
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Hello Everyone!  Hope you are all having a great New Year.  I was able to get Tina in the studio today and then the compressor and audio levels were all messed up (my oldest son and friends recorded some of their music over the holidays) and by the time I got it dialed in we had to go to town.  Got home late tonight and I go out for another 5 day trip tomorrow.  Bottom line....didn't record today.   Have a great show lined up but it will have to wait until I get home next Monday, so look for an episode then.

Thanks for being so patient with us this year about release dates.  I will explain in the next episode how I am going to get to our release schedule of every ten days going come....come....come....oh I don't know but it will happen.  2008 will be the year the podcast really gets going.   Listenership and viewership is way up over the holidays and we have some things planned for the year.

Feel free to contact us by leaving comments on the blog or calling our voicemail at 206-666-4533.  Follow me on Twitter.  I twitter my flights with the jet and give flight info via twitter.  You can monitor the twitter badge here on the website or follow captain_rob on twitter. 

Thanks to all the feed back and calls and we will cover the latest in the next episode.  Just because haven't gotten back to you doesn't mean with are not grateful for you input.


Captain Rob
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