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Come on into the hangar, make yourself comfortable and follow the saga as two totally opposite types of personalities teach each other to fly. Rob is a certified flight instructor and airline captain for a major airline. Tina is the anxious but eager student pilot who has a few things to teach Rob about getting a clue. Both have been married to each other for 23 years and are still learning to live together, love together, grow together and raise their four kids together. So come on in pull up a chair, get your favorite beverage and lets educate one another. Oh, we have a bird problem here in the hangar so watch your head. They sometimes crap on the airplane and life, but you just wipe it off, move on and don't forget to laugh about it.
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Come on into the Eaglerock Portable Studio as Captain Rob and Tina record there first podcast together in over two years.  Our lives continue to be busy and in an effort to start producing podcasts again, we recorded this at the kitchen table with a portable podcasting setup.  A little degradation in the recording quality is in order so that we can record more often.  Also our regular studio hasn't been put back together so we hope you don't mind the recording.  We learned a few things that we can do to improve the next portable recording of our next epidsode in the next couple of weeks.


We are joined by our 16 year old son who we think previous listeners will remember as Trim Tab.  We talk  a little about what has been going on and then get right into listener feedback.  This episode also serves as an opportunity for Captain Rob and Tina to get there feet wet again at podcasting.  We appreciate your patience with us.


For those folks interested in the ground lesson Captin Rob gives Tina and their son, be sure to listen to the Lessons Feed.  That episode is the same as this one but we continue recording into a lesson after the 41 minute mark.   It is good to be back and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.


Please contact us and give us your feed back at:


email: learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

Voicemail: 206-337-6300

Twitter: captain_rob

Skype: learningtoflytogether


Intro song is "Learning to Fly" by Josh Woodward.

Outgo song is "Set to Fly" by Elisa Peimer

Both available at the Podsafe Music Network



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After 2 years and 1 month since are last little epidsode we are sending out this episode to give you and update on our contact info.   We still see many downloads each month of older episodes and we want to let you know we are still here and are ready to start putting out new content.


One week after the last episode Captain Rob lost his father and within the month Tina lost here mother.  So it has taken us 2 years to normalize enough to have time to get back to flying and podcasting.   We want to thank you listeners that are still subscribed and welcome new listeners.


We want to hear from you if your are still out there.  Please drop us an email or better yet call our new voicemail number.  We want to hear from you.


Here is the contact info:


email: learningtoflytogether at gmail.com

Voicemail: 206-337-6300

Twitter: captin_rob

Skype: learningtoflytogether


Intro Song is "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward
Outgo Song is "I Fly" by Tresa Street
Both from the Podsafe Music Network

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